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Kyiv200 spots
Yekaterinburg200 spots
London140 spots
Tomsk137 spots
Novosibirsk131 spots
New York106 spots
Zaporizhzhia99 spots
Warsaw91 spots
Chita87 spots
Minsk77 spots
Riga77 spots

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What is Calisthenics?

The term calisthenics comes from the Greek words "Kalos" & "Sthenos" meaning beauty and strength. It is the art and science of beautiful movement.

Calisthenics is a type of workout which shares a lot in common with gymnastics. It utilises gravity and bodyweight leverage to challenge your fitness level.

But, unlike gymnastics, it can be practiced outdoors and is known as 'street workout'.

Street workout is performed mostly in outdoor parks or public gym.

It first became a popular movement in Russia, and the United States, and is now growing worldwide.

Street workout teams are being formed in every city. Organized competitions make athletes perform against each other on basic exercises like push ups, dips, pull ups, muscle ups but also on dynamic and static skills such as the planche, human flag or front lever.

As bodyweight training become more and more popular, many personal trainers are specializing on calisthenics and offer online coaching to their clients. You can find them on booking platforms such as Koalendar.

Benefits of Calisthenics

It is completely free. Forget the gym membership fees, you can do your workout anywhere, indoor or outdoor.

No gym equipment is required. Find a park with pull up bars near you and you're ready to exercise.

And it's not just about working out. Yes you will get a great body by being a calisthenics athlete. But the main reason why so many people love this sport is that you build strength that unlock some crazy movements like the muscle up, human flag, back lever, front lever or handstand push ups.

Most of those skills require months to years of practice and you will feel great progressing toward them.

Calisthenics workout is not only about building your body. You will build your mind too. Pushing your limits at every training, it's like expanding your comfort zone dips by dips, producing a positive moving force which will make your confidence skyrocket.

Why Street Workout List?

Popular movement originating from New York City, the practice of Street Workout has now spread all over the world. Most big cities now have exercises equipments.

So you might be asking: "Where are the calisthenics parks near me?".

In order to help all athletes find the best outdoor exercise parks with pull up bars, parallel bars, and monkey bars in their own city, we decided to create this platform where everyone can contribute to create together the most complete calisthenics map.

We can now easily find workout places with exercise equipment all around the world. Equipment that will allow you to work on your pull ups, muscle-ups, dips or human flag.

Working out at outdoor gyms is also a great way to make friends with other athletes and progress together.

Top countries / Calisthenics Parks

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Russia5649 spots
Germany1157 spots
France998 spots
Poland829 spots
Ukraine792 spots
Spain730 spots
Italy465 spots
Brazil462 spots
Australia461 spots
Chile455 spots